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Toronto Restaurant Fights Waste By Chopping Menu Prices Till Food Is Gone


Food waste is just part of the larger sustainability issue the United States faces as on of the largest producers of waste. The U.S. restaurant sector generates 18 percent of U.S. food waste, at a cost of roughly $25 billion annually.

Hopefully, American restaurants will start taking notice of their Canadian neighbors in Toronto who are reducing their waste each week (reaching nearly 0 waste), making more money, and creating a fun Sunday night tradition.

Chef Darcy MacDonnell of Farmhouse Tavern in Toronto started the weekly event “F*** Mondays.” The name stems from the dread that comes with either freezing or throwing out food Monday morning after a slow Sunday night dinner service (and the reluctance we all feel about starting the work week). Each Sunday night they serve dishes designed to use excess food from the week, at steep discounts - as much as 50% off. The event creates excitement around the food, since menu items quickly disappear as the night wears on, and leaves the restaurant with an empty fridge to start the new week. It’s a win-win.

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