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How can YOU treat people differently?
best buddies

Did you know that 60% of people still believe that individuals with intellectual disabilities should be segregated in schools and in the workplace? The problem is that not everyone knows or has met someone with an intellectual disability. The Schriver Report Snapshot conducted by  Harris Poll for The Special Olympic International World Games and Shriver Media found that:

  • the 56% of Americans who know someone with ID are twice as likely to understand the facts behind it

  • and Americans who’ve never met someone with ID are three times less likely to find the R-word offensive in any context

It seems that the best way to promote empathy and understanding is making sure that people of all abilities are welcome and supported in our public spaces, schools, and places of work. We were moved by this testimony from Best Buddies Global Ambassador Paul Brooks, calling on us all to make everyone feel included, regardless of ability:

“Together we can make a difference and to influence our culture for people with disabilities, if we spread the word for inclusion! We have the power to use language that invites people in and encourages them to be themselves”

Read Brooks’ full story at www.medium.com, and make your pledge for inclusion today.