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Quint & Quint is a visual storytelling and impact marketing agency based in New York City. We use an artful blend of documentary photography and video production to help select institutions and nonprofits wildly surpass their fundraising and brand awareness campaign goals.

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New York City from the photographer's viewfinder: then and now.

We wish it were easier to photograph with black and white film these days (otherwise, we’d still do it!) It’s amazing to see the side by side comparison of how we take pictures today vs. 68 years ago. These photos show how New York’s iconic landmarks, including Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral were photographed in 1951 and now in 2019. Maybe one day our smart phones will look as “vintage” as these old-school cameras. See the photo story at www.nytimes.com.

New documentaries touching on race, class, democracy, civil rights, and more from the Obamas and Netflix.

We’re excited to see this new slate of documentaries and films the new production company, Higher Ground Productions, started by Barack and Michelle Obama, are planning for Netflix. The films range from a drama series set in post-World Wall II New York to a film adaptation of the biography “Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom”.

“We believe each of these productions won’t just entertain, but will educate, connect and inspire us all,” Mr. Obama said in a statement.

We can’t wait to see them. To learn more and to see the full list of planned projects, read the full story at www.nytimes.com.

This music video is so creative - gives us chills.

We just love this music video for David Byrne’s “Everybody’s Coming To My House”. The students of the Detroit School of Arts really transform the song and make it their own… and sound so good doing it!

“When I saw what the DSA students did with my song, it completely changed the way I thought of it. In fact, it changed the meaning of the song—I realized it was about inclusion, welcoming, and not being alone. It’s a more generous interpretation of the song than what I do with my voice.” - David Bryne (Rolling Stone)

Also, did you know that David Bryne runs a blog Reasons to Be Cheerful? Turns out he’s a pretty cheery guy!

US Air Force recruits women pilots by highlighting its own.

US Air Force recruits women pilots by highlighting its own.

The best way to recruit people to your cause it to inspire them with a powerful, true story. This campaign for the US Air force is great, because it highlights their own and lets these women speak for themselves. So powerful to see these pioneering women talk about their experiences. See the spot at thedrum.com.