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Quint & Quint is a visual storytelling and impact marketing agency based in New York City. We use an artful blend of documentary photography and video production to help select institutions and nonprofits wildly surpass their fundraising and brand awareness campaign goals.

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It’s Time for Digital Products to Start Empowering Us.

We need to work on our co-dependant relationship with the digital world - and as the people who build it, it’s up to us to create products that actually serve us. A new proposal for digital design: “There when you need it, invisible when you don’t. It would be much better than what we believe today: There when you need it, incessantly begging you to come back when you don’t.”

Check out this interesting read from medium.com.

US Air Force recruits women pilots by highlighting its own.

US Air Force recruits women pilots by highlighting its own.

The best way to recruit people to your cause it to inspire them with a powerful, true story. This campaign for the US Air force is great, because it highlights their own and lets these women speak for themselves. So powerful to see these pioneering women talk about their experiences. See the spot at thedrum.com.