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Quint & Quint is a visual storytelling and impact marketing agency based in New York City. We use an artful blend of documentary photography and video production to help select institutions and nonprofits wildly surpass their fundraising and brand awareness campaign goals.

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Could an Ex-Convict Become an Attorney? Reginald Dwayne Betts recalls his journey.
prison reform

Betts’ story of how he went from a convict to an attorney is deeply personal, captivating, and moving. He recalls apologizing to the man he robbed and his family in court, but struggling to fully give words to his experience: “so afraid of what might happen, I could barely articulate my regret. I couldn’t explain how a confluence of bad decisions and opportunity led me to become the caricature of a black boy in America.” Read the full story at nytimes.com.

A guide to hope-based communications.

A guide to hope-based communications.

When rallying support around serious global issues, it’s essential to present your audience with a hope-filled, strong story. It’s not about glossing over difficult subjects, but about highlighting opportunities for growth, change, and impact. That’s why we love this guide to hope-based communications by OpenGlobalRights. Learn more about their communication strategies at openglobalrights.org.

Did you know building and flying model airplanes is a sport?
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Did you know building and flying model airplanes is a sport?

As self-proclaimed documentary junkies, we’re excited for the film “Float” which introduces the world to an indoor sport that involves building and flying self-propelled model airplanes. Niche enough for you? The planes are beautiful, and also surprisingly soothing to watch float through the air. See for yourself at thisiscollossal.com.